5 Best Scary Roblox Games With Jump Scares


5 Best Scary Roblox Games With Jump Scares

In this trend of horror games majority of players love to play Roblox games with Jump scares as it includes action horror, psychological horror, and other subgenres to choose from.

With over 40 million games available on this Roblox series, it has become a central hub for gamers who like to play scary games in Roblox.

While playing horror games with your friend you like to scream out when an unexpected jump scare comes across. That’s why you just loved it. 

A range of multiplayer horror games on Roblox is there for you to choose from according to your taste.

If you are the one who loves horror games to play with your friends, then here are some scary Roblox games to play with your friends.

Best Scary Roblox Games With Jump Scares

  1. Dead Silence:

When it comes to the scariest Roblox game Dead Silence is among them and the stunning sound quality of the horror game is enough to get you hooked. It is a community game that is played with multiple players.

  1. The Mimic

The environment of the game is full of Jumpscares that consists of four books known as Jealousy, Rage, Rebirth and control.  Mimic is a survival game with each story having a different character to play along.

  1. Scary Elevators

Scary elevator is the game to fight with challenging foes and that needs  a lot of weapons on hand to confront the scary monsters. In this game players have the option to collect points on every win and get a stronger gear to help them in escaping out.

  1. Alone in a Dark hous

In addition to the horror game Alone in a Dark House is other scary games on Roblox with a lot of puzzles and mysteries to solve in a dark house.

  1. Nanny

Roblox Scary mini game Nanny contains a full dose of horrors and you need to survive in  a haunted palace where a nanny is hunting you to kill.

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