What to expect from Haikyuu season 5?

Are you waiting for the season of haikyuu and if you are also wondering what all are you going to see in this season so let us tell the users that we are going to tell you about what all you can expect from this season and what all you will be provided by the makers of the show. In the trailer we have already seen that the season might cover the events which have happened after the match between karasuno and nekoma which is also known as the dumpster battle and the viewers have already seen taht kenma and kuroo were already seen at the end of the season 4 so this is what the upcoming season is going to bring for you. 

The season might also shift and focus towards story of bokuto and the will see an explosive site for the same and the prowess will also be saved as the ace of the fukurodani. 

Haikyuu season 5 release date is not released yet but the viewers can accept to see the season and the release soon sometime in the year. Let us also see the characters which the users will also see some same characters as well which we have given below.

List of characters you will see in the season 5 – 

  1. Ayummu murase as hinata 

  2. Kaito ishikawa as kageyama 

  3. Y hayashi as rynosuke tanaka 

  4. Miyu irino as koshi suguwara 

  5. Koki uchiyama as kei tsukishima 

  6. Snatoshi hino as team captain diachi sawamura