Who created the Friday Night Funkin Game?


When it comes to best rhythm games, the discussion could not end without mentioning Friday night funkin.

Till date, Friday night funkin comes amongst the rhythm games ever, the story of the game sis revolves around “The Boyfriend”, “The Girlfriend” and Girlfriend’s father “Daddy Dearest- A former Rockstar” in which The Boyfriend has a desire to date The Girlfriend but unable to do so due to her daddy.

To Date her, the Boyfriend must have to defeat a lot of characters and surpass various hurdles in the form of rap battles in order to date the Girlfriend.

In the game, you have to pass the past various levels which are titled as weeks, each week contains songs and you will have to surpass 6 weeks and the seventh is yet to release but will be out soon.


Apart from this, have you ever wondered who is the mastermind behind this fun game, if yes then for your information, meet Cameron Taylor aka Ninja muffin 99, he is the man behind this major hit game called Friday Night Funkin Unblocked.

Cameron Taylor is a Canadian programmer who is also the creator of popular games such as Ritz, Monster Mashing deluxe, Paristroyer, and many more.


And, that’s a short overview on Friday Night Funkin and the man who created it.