Everything You Need to Know About the Richest Noob in Free Fire


When we talk about battle royal genres we find that Garena free fire makes it to the top of the list of the best Battle Royal Games and in this blog we are going to talk about the richest free fire noob player in India so if the users want to know about the same we would suggest them to stick to the end of the blog.

Richest Noob of Free Fire in India  

There are many players of free fire in India but no players have managed to gain immense popularity and income and revenue like Lokesh Gamer. There are still many players who are pretty rich but Lokesh Gamer surpasses all of them and manages to become the richest player of free fire in India. 

Lokesh Gamer is said to be the richest noob in the game of free fire in India. The game has some unique features with unique characters and with various abilities for the users which has made the game immensely popular among the users. 

The battle royal game has more than 40 characters in it which has awesome and amazing perks and abilities. Since, the game has become so much popular it is not a shocking fact that the players have started streaming it on youtube and on other platforms. 

Many players have started their own you tube channels which have been earning lots and lots of money and this way the game has helped the players to get a good amount of revenue. Because of the popularity of the game the users are earning huge bucks and gaining popularity as well. 

Lokesh Gamer is one of the biggest names in the richest noob in free fire as his channel has over 1.9 million subscribers on his channel which was created in the year 2017. In terms of views the users will see that he gets almost 1064077312 view count on his channel. 

Stats of the Richest Noob of Free Fire of India 

Here are the stats of the richest noob of India in free fire so that the users can read about it and get to know more about him. 

Free fire ID of Lokesh Gamer – 220528068 

Team of Lokesh Gamer – Team Hind (Team leader) 

Lifetime – Played over 2833 matches that too in the squad mode 

He has over 595 victories in the game and has won 123 matches in this solo matches. 

His winning rate in the game is more than 21% and his kills in the game are 5155. 

The statistics of free fire richest noob Lokesh Gamer might change as it may be updated after the article has been written. We hope the users of our article will be able to get all the information they have been looking for about Lokesh Gamer. Also, we hope that the users were able to use the information which we have provided in this blog for their use and with the help of this they might get motivation for playing games more properly.

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