Top PUBG Players in the world



PUBG has created a new wave of battleground games in the world and a lot of people are investing their time in this game. There are championships and tournaments of the game happening all around the world and some of the players of PUBG have established themselves as the top pubg players. So in this guide, you will get to know about the best PUBG players in the world who have created a name for themselves. 

Best PUBG Players in the world

The players on this list are some of the best pubg players in the world. So, read about them and then take influences from their game to learn the best techniques. 

  1. Gonzo

Gonza is a brilliant PUBG player who captains the Konina Power and belongs to Kazakstan. He is considered to be the best pubg player and has won different PUBG mobile pro leagues. He uses different weapons but his favourite weapon is M24+M416. 

  1. Suk

Suk is a Korean player and a part of the Four Angry Men and his native name is Choi Won-Suk. You can very well say that he is one of the best players of PUBG and he has often demonstrated his wonderful skills by leaving his opponents helpless. He has also won the MVP of the season 3 grand finale of PEL.

  1. 33Svan

This Shanghai-based player is a very awesome player of the game and is a part of the Four Angry Men. He plays the role of the assaulter on the team and fulfils the role very well with this aggressive playing style.