How to escape prison in bitilife?

When you play online games, there is a form of dedication that you show when you play games. People make sure that they play the game with complete dedication and make sure that they win all the quests and missions that there are in the game. On the other hand, people also make sure that they avoid all the punishments that there are in the game to ensure that you do not face any consequences in the game. In this guide, we are going to discuss a very wonderful game Bitilife and the methods that they can follow to know how to escape prison in bitilife

What is Bitilife?

Bitilife is an amazing life simulator game that a lot of people love and there are mini-games in the parent game that makes the game more interesting and ensures that people do not get bored in the game. One such mini-games tasks people to get out of prisons and I am sure that everyone who is a player of Bitilife knows how difficult it is to get out of those prison cells in the game. 

Now, if you are interested in knowing about bitilife prison escape then, you need to read the rest of the guide carefully and follow them without any issues. 

How can you escape Prison in Bitilife?

It is noticeably very hard to escape prison in bitilife and that is why here we are going to tell you what you can do to make sure that you get out of your cell in the game. 

There are certain pointers you can use when you are planning your escape in the game and all of the pointers that we are going to discuss here will help you with the same. 

  1. The guards in the game only move twice when you make any move in game and the plus point for you is that the guard only moves horizontally leaving space for you to move. 

  2. You also need to get ribbons in the game that will make sure that you escape the cell and move forward in the game. 

  3. There are different types of ribbons that you need to escape different types of prisons in the game. Those are cunning, deadly, Houdini, scandalous and jailbird and I am sure that you can guess your escape depending on the name of your ribbon. 

We hope that you have understood every bit of information that we have shared here. 

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